Version history

Version (06JUL2024)
1. Evolution: : 1 clic license transfer + emailing via SendEthic
2. Fixed : Few minor bugs

Version (03JUN2024)
1. Fixed : Offbeat displays when the Windows screen magnification factor is different from 100% (NP Premiums)

Version (25MAY2024)
1. Fixed : Lab : The display of combo order margin could be ambiguous

Version (24MAY2024)
1. Fixed : Offbeat displays when the Windows screen magnification factor is different from 100%

Version (17APR2024)
1. Fixed : Beta lookup

Version (09APR2024)
1. Evolution: Screeners : Red symbols highlight optimization

Version (09APR2024)
1. Evolution: better Earnings scrapper

Version (08APR2024)
1. Evolution: better Earnings scrapper

Version (05APR2024)
1. Evolution: Few minor optimizations and fixes

Version (03APR2024)
1. Evolution: Display release history when updating IBFolio
2. Fixed: Screeners : Earnings was flashing when hovering 'SELL' button
3. Fixed: Tools...Stock Screener: the big green button could not display

Version (28MAR2024)
1. Evolution: Few minor optimizations and fixes

Version (21FEB2024)
1. Evolution: Underlying margin alert has been raised to 30%

Version (22JAN2024)
1. Fixed : IB screeners would not display correctly in the screeners
2. Fixed : Earnings alerts now comply with user's timezone

Version (15NJAN2024)
1. Evolution: : Screener Covered Call : Delta is now displayed for each call found
2. Evolution: : Screener Naked Puts : better alert algorithm for Bid/Ask Spread
3. Evolution: : Screener Naked Puts : Commission is now displayed for each put found
4. Fixed : Bug when screening Naked Puts (IBFolio would close and disappear)

Version (15NOV2023)
1. Fixed : few bugs were corrected, for your best experience

Version (09NOV2023)
1. Fixed : few bugs were corrected, for your best experience

Version (01NOV2023)
1. Evolution: Naked Puts Screener : Alert when spread Bid/Ask too wide

Version (25OCT2023)
1. Evolution: Widget Margin : Scale and colors are now compliant with the method learned at the seminar
2. Fixed: Screeners graphs now display correctly the price tag

Version (22OCT2023)
1. Fixed: Beta search + timestamp on USA date

Version (13OCT2023)
1. Fixed: Underlyings audit when starting IBFolio : bug when stock was not USA

Version (16OCT2023)
1. Evolution: : Underlyings audit when starting IBFolio : UL %argin Impact column was added

Version (13OCT2023)
1. Evolution: : Underlyings audit when starting IBFolio : Score optimization

Version (12OCT2023)
1. Evolution: : Underlyings audit when starting IBFolio : Score added with weighted algo

Version (10OCT2023)
1. Evolution: : Underlyings audit when starting IBFolio : Score added

Version (10OCT2023)
1. Evolution: : Underlyings audit when starting IBFolio : help bubbles were added
2. Evolution: : Starting window is not 'ghost' anymore in the Windows task bar

Version (09OCT2023)
1. Evolution: Underlyings audit when starting IBFolio
2. Fixed: Tools: IBFolio was crashing when going to the tools

Version (06OCT2023)
1. Fixed: Screeners : PRT import didn't work if the default separator '/' was changed
2. Evolution: : Beta shows in the screeners

Version (02OCT2023)
1. Start tuning for debug

Version (30SEP2023)
1. Fixed: Screener NP : New look display

Version (27SEP2023)
1. Fixed: Screener NP : New look display without latency

Version (26SEP2023)
1. Fixed: Screeners : Earnings info bubble could flash

Version (24SEP2023)
1. Evolution: Screener 'Naked Puts' : Mode 'Community' + new look

Version (12SEP2023)
1. Fixed: License reading optimization

Version (08AOU2023)
1. Evolution: Widget 'Positions' Mode 'B': the pies now show the % relative to the PNL of the level immediatly above (before: relative to the portfolio PNL)

Version (14JUL2023)
1. Fixed: US Markets + SKEW lookup

Version (09JUL2023)
1. Evolution: Warning if Date/Time of the PC is not correct.

Version (06JUL2023)
1. Evolution: All screeners : Warning when economic sector overexposed

Version (04JUL2023)
Corrective version with few enhancements

Version (01JUL2023)
Corrective version

Version (01JUL2023)
1. Evolution: Right-Click on the screener graph (tab 3.Stocks) -> Next stock
2. Evolution: Underlying margin display and warning if >25% (tab 3.Stocks et 4.Results)
3. Evolution: Screener 'Naked Puts' : Real IB margin display for each option result
4. Evolution: All screeners : Better update management

Version (22JUN2023)
1. Evolution: Statistics on strategies by year (Trade list)
2. Evolution: Statistics on strategies by year : avalibale for options from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada

Version (13JUN2023)
1. Fixed: IBFolio loops when exiting from a demo account

Version (13JUN2023)
1. Evolution: Statistics on strategies by year
2. Evolution: Widget Naked Puts : stats by year

Version (24MAY2023)
1. Fixed: Protocol with YAHOO servers

Version (10MAY2023)
1. Evolution: Account Explorer: More info for each transaction

Version (07MAY2023)
1. Fixed: Close order wizard could display negative prices when there was no bid on the market

Version (30MAR2023)
1. Fixed: Screeners: underlying update alert now takes time zone into account

Version (13MAR2023)
1. Fixed: Fields anchors in strategy dashboards

Version (07MAR2023)
1. Evolution: Screener 'Credit Put Spread': New 'RegT Margin' column and ad hoc yield calculation
2. Evolution: Screener 'Credit Call Spread': New 'RegT Margin' column and ad hoc yield calculation

Version (01MAR2023)
1. Evolution: Screener 'Naked Puts': New 'RegT Margin' column and ad hoc yield calculation

Version (11FEB2023)
1. Fixed: P&L indicator could show weird text (on a Mac)
2. Fixed: Screener result table resizing

Version (26DEC2022)
1. Fixed: indicators at the bottom of the dashboard were hiding the licence renewal frame

Version (21DEC2022)
1. Evolution: New indicators at the bottom of the dashboard
2. Evolution: Account explorer
3. Evolution: MathNet is not used anymore
4. Evolution: better Lab rendering (no more shaded background)
5. Evolution: dashboard computations have been optimized
6. Evolution: Widget Portfolio (stats): Treemap less 'flashy'
7. Evolution: Lab scenarios are now in the cloud. Multi-computer users should be happy.
8. Evolution: User can now deactivate the automatic sharing window when closing IBFolio.
9. Fixed: Widget Margin: Percentage total could be different from 100 (+/-1)
10. Fixed: Backup file list updated

Version (16NOV2022)
1. Evolution: IBFolio is now certified, so no more nasty messages when launching
2. Fixed: Naked puts Logbook now manages international options

Version (02NOV2022)
1. Evolution: Better historical quotes management
2. Evolution: Repair mode can be called by CTRL or ESC or Menu...License

Version (27OCT2022)
1. Fixed: There could be duplicates in the pseudo list (Tools..Alerts)

Version (25OCT2022)
1. Evolution: Currencies sorted (Widget Portfolio)
2. Evolution: Better network breakdown detection

Version (05OCT2022)
1. Evolution: Historical graphs now work fine with TWS v10.19

Version (18SEP2022)
1. Evolution: Better Naked Puts logging

Version (12SEP2022)
1. Evolution: Better Earnings management

Version (09SEP2022)
1. Fixed: Rare confusion between US and European Symbol

Version (05SEP2022)
1. Evolution: Better community stats graph (dark theme)
2. Evolution: MY trades stats on the community trades
3. Evolution: Update icon on the community trades

Version (04SEP2022)
1. Evolution: TOOLS tab is displayed even if portfolio is empty
2. Evolution: Better community stats graph
3. Evolution: Added Help Center on the dashboard
4. Evolution: Better Trade Sharing experience
5. Evolution: Video tutorials suggested (screeners and sharing)

Version (21AUG2022)
1. File structure update

Version (21AUG2022)
1. Evolution: Remote license release through website for license transfer

Version (16AUG2022)
1. Evolution: Dashboard bubble graph 'Naked Puts' can be filtered when earnings date <= expiration date

Version (16AUG2022)
1. Internal revision of license system

Version (10AUG2022)
1. Evolution: Dashboard: when market data is missing, we ca click on the icon to get the info PDF
2. Evolution: Best Naked Puts are stored two days instead of one

Version (05AUG2022)
1. Evolution: Screeners: Refresh button becomes red when needs to be pressed
2. Evolution: Screeners: Better graph definition Stock Screener IBFOLIO
3. Evolution: Screener Naked Puts: Money Management ergonomy
4. Fixed: Screener Actions IBFolio: when passing to the next symbol with a right clic, last symbol could be hidden at the bottom of the list

Version (02AUG2022)
1. Fixed: Screeners: rare bug when importing a stock whom symbol has changed

Version (01AUG2022)
1. Evolution: 'Tools'..'Am I good?': add an option 'ALONE'
2. Screeners: new info message 'Out of market hours'
3. Fixed: minor bug when a symbol is delisted
4. Fixed: minor bug when adding symbols by saved list

Version (27JUL2022)
1. Fixed: minor bug when a symbol is delisted

Version (19JUL2022)
1. Fixed: minor bug on screeners

Version (19JUL2022)
1. Screeners: numerous enhancements

Version (03JUN2022)
1. Fixed: Lab: Multiplier is now managed for global delta (futures)

Version (14APR2022)
1. Fixed: Lab: Color bug when displaying a scenario with more than 16 legs

Version (13APR2022)
1. Fixed: Lab: now display an error instead of margin when order is refused by IB
2. Fixed: Lab: rare leg display of price=0 on some FOP

Version (30MAR2022)
1. Fixed: Minor and rare bug when displaying LAB graph

Version (27MAR2022)
1. Fixed: Live Update server
2. Fixed: Minor bugs

Version (31JAN2022)
1. Fixed: Minor bugs
2. Fixed: Test protocole to connect to IB servers

Version (01NOV2021)
1. Fixed: Lab: Optimisation of scenarios IB data flow

Version (31OCT2021)
1. Evolution: Lab: Optimisation of scenarios IB data flow

Version (27OCT2021)
1. Fixed: Lab: Inconsistencies with price and PNL with futures

Version (14SEP2021)
1. Fixed: Lab: VIX display that could be obsolete

Version -
Intermediate system optimization versions

Version: (13JUN2021)
1. Fixed: Lab+screeners: Better thread management (IB parallel tasks)

Version: (09JUN2021)
1. Fixed: Lab: Can handle LMT orders turned into MKT orders by user

Version: (01JUN2021)
1. Fixed: Lab+screeners: Better thread management (IB parallel tasks)

Version: (31MAY2021)
1. Fixed: Lab+screeners: Better thread management (IB parallel tasks)

Version: (19MAY2021)
1. Evolution: Dashbord: reminder that we cannot display more than 30 scenario tabs

Version: (19MAY2021)
1. Evolution: LABO: Tuning: Comparison mode

2. LAB: The date + standard deviations display time has been increased to avoid spurious display each time the mouse is over the time cursor.

3. LAB: Control and reminder that we cannot display more than 30 scenario tabs

Version: (04MAY2021)
1. Fixed: Widget VLN: Amounts could overlap

Version: (27APR2021)
1. Evolution: Lab: Option chains: current expiration date is better outlined in the calendar (flashing)

Version: (19APR2021)
1. Fixed: screeners: a trace window was removed

Version: (19APR2021)
1. Evolution: Lab: Help center: Live Chat
2. Evolution: Lab: Option chains: current expiration date is outlined in the calendar (black background)
3. Evolution: Ibfolio upgrades verification and notification every 6 hours.
4. Fixed: Screeners: fixed up stock import by IB scanner
5. Fixed: Screeners: Printing or Excel exporting the result table could bug

Version: (07APR2021)
1. Evolution: Widget Positions: Sort & Delete & Archive multi scenarios
2. Corrigé: Widget NLV: Display difference/yesterday optimized

Version: (24MAR2021)
1. Evolution: Lab: Better AvgCost=0 management
2. Evolution: Message 'Missing Market DATA' is now the same color than the warning icon
3. Fixed: % OTM/ITM computations

Version: (19MAR2021)
1. Evolution: When some market data subscription is missing, the warning icon tells you which symbol for
2. Evolution: Lab: Open Interest has been added in the option chains
3. Fixed: Lab: Greeks computation optimization

Version: (18MAR2021)
1. Evolution: A warning icon appears next to the account when some IB market data is missing
2. Evolution: Release notes when updating
3. Fixed: Lab: When modifying the strike of a multi-expirations strategy, option chains expiry could be wrong
4. Fixed: Lab: In some cumulative strategy, the price of the order prepared for TWS could be wrong

Version: (16MAR2021)
1. Evolution: Lab: you can select/unselect all legs of a strategy by clicking on the 'little graph' button
2. Evolution: Lab: A new scenario is pinned by default
3. Fixed: License transfer could not work

Version: (10MAR2021)
1. Evolution: The LAB is now fully compliant with all worldwide exchanges
2. Evolution: Labo: When hovering a leg symbol, the long name is displayed
3. Fixed: Div Yield download for some symbols

Version: (08MAR2021)
1. Fixed: CAC40 and DAX option chains did not open
2. Evolution: The IBFolio update screen opens automatically. More modern look.
3. Evolution: Lab: when market data is missing, an icon opens a document on IB market data

Version: (05MAR2021)
1. Fixed: Lab: Multiplier of some options could be wrong
2. Fixed: Lab: a rare crash bug when displaying option chains
3. Fixed: Lab: a rare crash bug when deleting a scenario leg

Version: (19FEB2021)
1. Evolution: Update installation faster and easier
2. Evolution: 'Help Center' ico presentation when opening first time the Lab

Version: (19FEB2021)
1. Fixed: Lab: Straddle strike could display at wrong position

Version: (18FEB2021)
1. Fixed: Better Fonts setup
2. Evolution: 'Visual Studio 2010 Redistributable Package' automatic setup, if necessary

Version: (07FEB2021)
1. New version with Option LAB
2. Hundreds of improvements and fixes!

Version: (28MAY2020)
1. Optimization: license model

Version: (26APR2020)
1. Fixed: Widget 'Margin' could crash in very seldom cases (margin call)
2. Fixed: Use of IB scanners could crash
3. Modified: better TWS error codes handling

Version: (21APR2020)
1. Modified: Easier license renewal interface

Version: (20APR2020)
1. Added: possibility to move the overview panel 'Naked Puts' and 'Naked Calls'
2. Fixed: Side effect between the overview panel of 'Naked Puts', and the graphics of the 'Naked Puts' Screener
3. Fixed: The 'Naked Puts' and 'Naked Calls' overview panel could exceed the screen and not display completely
4. Corrected: the warning of insufficient margin on TWS blocked IBFolio with an unrelated message (configure API in English)

Version: (19APR2020)
1. Added: Naked Puts & Calls screens: Info panel with graphs and breakeven, when mouse over.
2. Added: Weekend use warning display
3. Modified: Naked Puts & Calls screens: More relevant calculation of the premium tracking pie chart
4. Fixed: Underlying price could be wrong for Futures Options
5. Fixed: Earnings are searched only for stocks now.

Version: (14APR2020)
1. Modified: exit screen asking for strategy broadcast

Version: (13APR2020)
1. Added .NET 4.8 install package if needed
2. Fixed minor bugs

Version: (11APR2020)
1. When using other third-party softwares connected to TWS (such as Ninjatrader, MultiCharts,...), IBFolio can now fix its own API TWS ClientID.
2. Bug Fix: When Windows display zoom was different from 100%, some screens could be malfunctioning.
For instance, in the screeners, SmartStrike horizontal line could be completely below its cursor.
3. Bug Fix: In seldom cases, premium mini-piecharts computation could lead to IBFolio crash.
4 Bug Fix: Other minor bugs fixed
5. Evolution: Many software package upgrades, used by IBFolio: Framework DotNet (4.5.2 mandatory), Redistribuables Microsoft C++ (2015 à 2019), QLM (12.1.20089.1), AMCharts (4.9.12), MathNet (

Version: (11OCT2019)
1. Screeners: Tab 'Stocks': Excluded stock selection could be canceled by grapg update: corrected.
2. Some process optimisation and database update for the future Option Lab

Version: (11OCT2019)
1. Screeners: After a window resizing, SmartStrike display could be affected
2. Debug tools enhancement, for remote support
3. More user-friendly interface for license activation / transfer

Version: (07OCT2019)
1. Few minor bug corrections
2. Debug tools enhancement, in case of remote support

Version: (09SEP2019)
1. Some improvements to use IB Folio in ENGLISH

Version: (07SEP2019)
1. Now license can be transfered by activation/deactivation
2. Some improvements to use IB Folio in ENGLISH

Version: (30AOU2019)
1. Some improvements to use IB Folio in ENGLISH

Version: (22AOU2019)
1. Spread screeners: Search optimization: search time divided by 2. IB Folio can now scan up to 24,000 spreads / minute!
2. When exiting the program, the broadcast screen no longer opens by default. Exiting IB Folio is therefore less 'constraining'.
3. Fixed a minor timeline display bug in the 'Positions' widget
4. Fixed few links to www.ibfolio.com

Version: (29JUL2019)
1. Adding the remaining time values ??in the portfolio's strategy screens: Credit Put Spreads and Debit Put Spreads.
2. Fixed a bug in the display of the premium maturity Camembert, when it was a loss.

Version: (04JUL2019)
1. Liquidation orders are updated in real time in the event of execution, cancellation or change of status (Equity, Naked Put or Call screens, and Credit Spreads).
2. Various small bugs fixed on the liquidation orders.

Version: (14JUN2019)
1. The screeners 'Puts Sales' and 'Credit Put Spread' benefit from a list of symbols (a function accessible via the menu of the tab '3. Actions')

Version: (11JUN2019)
1. Fix a bug on the screener 'Credit Put Spread' (Can not pass a combo order).

Version: (10JUN2019)
1. Fixed a bug on the 'Covered Call' screener (real-time quotes could not be displayed).

Version: (09JUN2019)
1. Fixed a bug on the graphs of strategy statistics (Comparison with other traders).

Version: (08JUN2019)
1. New general look, less aggressive, and more modern.
2. The dashboard has been stripped of some unused widgets.
3. Addition of the Positions widget, allowing a synthetic view of the positions, as well as their management (fragmentation + creation of new strategies).
4. Added links to open TradingView windows; Thus, for each symbol visible in the app, it is possible to benefit from the power of this technical platform.
5. Post-It permanent, not to forget!
6. In the screeners modules, the color of the smartstrike is green if it is well placed, red otherwise (to avoid the confusion often made for Credit Call Spreads, where it is necessary to place the smartstrike above the price.
7. The Credit Put / Call spreads strategy display screens now have a synthetic display + detailed display with graph.
8. Ability to create 'perso' strategies, with any tabs and symbols (any mix possible).
9. Dissemination of strategies is much less invasive. It is now on demand, and allows to disable a click the broadcast of all lines.
10. The Others Spreadsheet widget now displays strategies of any type, including multi-symbol 'perso' policies.
11. Postage Setup and API: No more programs are required before installing IB Folio.
12. The ability to put your avatar (picture or image) on his strategies works better.
13. A bug hunt has been done to improve your experience.

1. US and Skew Indices Widgets: restore the display of values, following the modification of Yahoo's rating service.

1. US and Skew Indices Widgets: restore the display of values, following the modification of Yahoo's rating service.

1. US and Skew Indices Widgets: restore the display of values, following the modification of Yahoo's rating service.

2. US and Skew Indices Widgets: Restore the display of values, following the closure of Yahoo's rating service.

1. Bull Put Spread Module: Fixed multiplier coefficient bug. This bug did not affect all the other modules (Bear Call Spread, Covered Call, etc ...)

1. Instant chat chat widget: Viewing the user's 'Connected' status (small green light)
2. Added 2 detected strategies: Short Put Butterfly (or Inverse Put Butterfly) and Short Call Butterfly (or Inverse Call Butterfly). IB Folio detects if the butterfly is asymmetrical (BWB = Broken Wing Butterfly)

1. New 'Chat' instant chat widget

1. 'Sale of puts' and 'Call sales' window: display of the% of cashable premium when hovering over the premium 'camembert' with the mouse
2. Addition of the alert in case of existing shares while there are already covered calls or puts for the same underlying.
3. 'Credit Spread' and 'Debit Spread' Windows: Display of the breakeven and the underlying price (invisible in some graphic configurations)
4. Optimization of the avatar choice window for the diffusion of strategies
5. Fixed the manual distribution of the quantities for correct detection of the strategies (bug of addition of -100)

1. EagleLinq Community Strategies Widget: 30 Strategies Released
2. Improved leg display (J + x in orange if expired in less than 30 days)

1. EagleLinq Community Policy Widget: Adding Policies
2. Email Alerts and Mobile Notification: Adding Policies

1. EagleLinq Community Policy Widget: Normalizing the Display of Policy Lugs
2. Reactivation of the sending of the notifications of trades (stop due to a bug)
3. Some display and mouse blocking fixes on the EagleLinq community policy widget.

1. When hovering over the bubble charts, the bubble information was no longer displayed. Corrected.
2. Community strategy labels now no longer display the '$' sign at the end. The price is also well displayed with 2 decimals, even if it is, 00
3. The license renewal button resulted in an error web page. Corrected.

1. Dissemination of all strategies to the community
2. Call sales: full screen modeled on the sale of puts
Fixed Fixed Computer / Mouse Bug When Updating SKEW Info and US Markets
4. Fixed fancy course bug in 'Put Market'
5. Faster and more reliable portfolio analysis
6. In the Tools, 2017 trading calendar, downloadable

1. Removed the Internet quality permanent scan, which could freeze the app for a few seconds in case of low speed.

1. Portfolio / all spreads: adding pie chart +/- value against +/- value Max
2. Addition of two strategies detected in the wallet: COLLAR, and RTS (Risk Twist Spread)
3. Fixed bug when refreshing an unmanaged account.
4. In the account list, the current account appears in blue.
5. Move the 'ANALYSIS' button next to the account
6. Added 'Dashboard' and 'Tools' buttons for quick and easy access
7. Accelerate reading of the portfolio (optimization of exchanges with the server)

1. The list of accounts can be resized (display bug according to the screen resolution).

1. IB Folio is multi-TWS (and therefore multi-account, Advisor type or not). Ability to manage up to 8 TWS open simultaneously.
2. Module 'Sales Puts': correction of the graphical display of the results which could be empty.

1. Portfolio / All Strategies: Improved display and addition of delta, gamma, theta, and if applicable: max loss, max gain, and time impact
2. Added a detected strategy in the wallet: the MARRIED PUT
3. Portfolio / All Strategies: Improved% ITM / OTM Display
4. 'Sales of puts' module: automatic position size according to the VIX (customizable)
5. Using .NET4, and dropping .NET2

1. Portfolio / Calendar spreads: improved display and addition of delta, gamma and theta
2. Wallet / all spreads (credit, debit, calendar and diagonal): position closing assistant by combo
3. Update QLM 8.2.16091.1

1. Corrective version
2. Call portfolio / sale: the price of the underlying was wrong
3. Option search: crash if multiplier not present in existing option chains.

1. Management of the multiplier different from 100. The mini-options and the options on future x50 (ex: ES) are displayed correctly.
2. Portfolio: index management, index options, futures and futures options (eg VIX, SPX, SPY, DIA, RUT, NDX, ES, MNX, IWM, QQQ, XLI, etc ...)
3. Addition of the strategies of spread spread, reverse calendar spreads and reverse diagonal spreads
4. Credit spread, debit spread and calendar spread strategies: improvement of the display + addition of Greek gamma and theta + calculation of the impact of time + graph
5. All research modules (Bull Put Spread + Bear Call Spread): management of options on indices / ETFs
6. 'Tools' tab / Media library: 2016 markets calendar with export for IOS / Android / Outlook
7. Improved management of accounts / nicks. Ability to use his IB Folio to display the account of others, without interference with his account or his nickname.
8. Change to Windev 21

1. Bear Call Spreads / Actions Module: Fixed bug when choosing an IB screener

1. Main menu: icon change and adding many options

1. New strategy module: BEAR CALL SPREADS
2. Optimization of the client debug mode
3. Optimization of trades alerts: associated with the nickname and no longer on the account. Advisors will appreciate, as they no longer need to re-set the buddy lists to follow for each account (provided the accounts have the same nickname).
4. Detecting the wrong TWS API setting 'Send messages in English'
5. All modules / Expirations: Fixed the bug that shifted expirations every new year.
6. The animated window at launch is now stackable (before: top most)

1. Redemption order wizard: English translation

1. SPX quotes are now displayed

1. Statistics of collective strategies + perso
2. Portfolio / Actions: Added the column 'Current total amount'
3. IB Folio exit more 'clean' if forced by the system (logoff)
4. NP + BPS Modules: The SELL button now forces the real-time rating of the line
5. Indication of the backup server in the 'Preferences' window if necessary.

1. Main Screen: Adding the Number of Policies in Each Policy Tab
2. 'Portfolio Mapping' Dashboard / Widget: Summary: Adding the 'heatmap' of portfolio strategies.
3. Portfolio Mapping Dashboard / Widget: Summary: Paper Trading Account Notification

1. Dashboard / widget 'Portfolio Mapping': possibility to directly convert the currencies of its portfolio into EUR or USD.
2. Better management and routing of forex positions and indices in the Portfolio / 'Expires' tab
3. 'Money management' dashboard / widget: Adding the total number of portfolio puts
4. 'Markets US' dashboard / widget: VIX added in title
5. 'US Markets' dashboard / widget: adding the EUR / USD price in the title
6. In case of crash with .NET, display info to fix it
7. Simplify nickname entry when opening a new account

1. Portfolio: The discovery of false positives 'Covered Calls' and 'Covered Puts' could happen in rare cases: corrected
2. Wallet / naked puts: Fixed the crash bug when the average cost = 0 (off market?)

1. Portfolio, 'Actions' tab: addition of information help in the case of sold (negative) or long-term shares

1. Portfolio, tab 'Sales Puts': adding a pie chart next to the premium cashed to visualize its discount (i.e. the premium actually cashed if we liquidated)
2. Portfolio, 'Actions' and 'Puts Sales' tabs: add closure order management; visualization of existing orders or not, and wizard to create the order
3. Debug mode in case of technical problems

1. Bug fix of the mapping widget at launch.

1. Better error management. Feedback in the event of a crash.

1. All modules '3.Actions' tab: Added direct import of screener PRT actions. Each module has its own independent screener (parameters, selected actions ...). Now you do not need to go into the 'Put Screener' of 'Tools' to make your stock selection
2. Billboard when reading / analyzing the account
3. Bull Put Spreads Module / Results: addition of the column 'Expectation of gain'
4. Bull Put Spreads Module / Results: New sorting of results by 'Gain expectations'
5. Puts and BPS Sales Modules: Fixed Performance Display Bug
6. Correction of display on Portfolio / BPS when opening the BPS module

1. Improved ergonomics of the startup screen (for the trial version)

1. Improved nick management for new accounts

1. Launch screen: checklist with diagnostics and appropriate solutions in case of error
2. Faster launch: faster recovery of the TWS portfolio
3. Dashboard: correction of views in case of empty wallet
4. Dashboard: Active Widget A.V.E. : Indication of the currency and possibility to display instead the VLN
5. Dashboard: Widget 'Naked Puts': indication of total trades and sales of outstanding puts by IB Folio users
6. Dashboard: Portfolio Mapping Widget: replace the 'Strategy' tab with the 'Summary' tab. Display of base currency, margin type, and actual cash account composition

1. Puts / Journal Sales Module: Correction of the table display that could be truncated
2. Coup Sale and BPS / Expiry Modules: Retouching the explanatory help
3. Put and BPS / Shares Sales Modules: Ergonomic Retouching and Simplification of Stock Imports

1. Fixed automatic clock sync IB Folio

Version: 3.25
1. Dashboard: Adding a parameter access icon (wrench)
2. Dashboard: Rearranging automatic widgets when enlarging / shrinking the IB Folio window
3. Dashboard: Widget 'Excess Liquidity': When the gauge has only 3 bars, they are now orange (before: green)
4. Tools / 'Am I performing?': Correction of the display showing the same graph for all lines
5. Preferences: Adding an IB Folio Configuration Backup / Restore Feature

Version: 3.24
1. 'Sales Puts' Module / Result: adding small column separators for standard deviation bubbles: for color-blind people who do not distinguish between yellow and red
2. Put Market: revision of TWS requests that returned incomplete data (bid / ask)
3. Correction of minor instabilities
4. Add Remote Debugger for Complex Troubleshooting
5. Adding the Transaction Debugger for Complex Troubleshooting

Version: 3.23
1. Module 'Puts Sales' / Expirations / Strikes: Added filter on standard deviation; it is now possible to filter the results of the search for puts according to the distance of the strike compared to the standard deviation
2. 'Sales Puts' module / Result: display in the table of the distance of the strike during the standard deviation
3. 'Sales Puts' Module / Result: adding the bubble chart
4. SKEW Widget: correction of the display of the decimal place which always displayed ', 0'
5. Widgets: aesthetic correction of 'turbines'

Version: 3.22
1. Wallet / Covered Calls and Covered Puts: removed green / red hand whose meaning is ambiguous + bug correction unstable display of total premium
2. Dashboard: Adding the 'Crash Index: SKEW' widget

Version: 3.21
1. Optimization at launch: less waiting time when certain actions can not be quoted.
2. Automatic synchronization of IBFolio time with that of TWS
3. EagleLinq / Social Network: The message sending test did not work when only the 'Email' box was checked: fixed. The test works normally.
4. EagleLinq / Mediatheque: Calendar 2015
5. The drop-down list of strategies no longer shows the unpublished modules (Warrior Earnings, etc.).
6. 'Puts Sales' Module: Yellow lines with empty bid / ask could appear during market periods. Corrected (IB changed his data exchanges without warning!)
7. All modules: The selection of a scanner IB planted since version TWS 947. Corrected.
8. All modules: The scanner did not show any results if we did not subscribe to the IB 'Reuters fundamentals' data. Fixed: results now appear even if we are not subscribed (we must leave the 2 boxes 'Capitalization' empty)
9. All the action graphs: more harmonious colors + cross pattern with values ??+ click on the + 1 year bottom to place the SmartStrike
10. Module Covered Calls: IBFolio crashed when the share price was not available (= 0). Corrected.
11. Bull Put Spreads Module / Results: Added the% OTM column for the sold put
12. Bull Put Spreads / results module: add display options (earnings, sort, bid = 0)
13. Bull Put Spreads / Results module: Coloring in brown of the options already sold: the control now covers the sales of puts + Bull Put Spreads already existing in the portfolio
14. Bull Put Spreads Module / Results: Added quick navigation arrows to go from one deadline to another.
15. Bull Put Spreads Module / results: Order management in progress, with cancellation on IBFolio / removal on TWS possible
16. Sales Puts + Bull Put Spreads / Results: Indicates the% OTM value even if the module is running on weekends; the last course corresponds to that of Friday.
17. Sales Puts + Bull Put Spreads / Results: Refreshes the table when you change the selection 'Price = Bid ??/ Price = MidPoint'
18. When the screener actions suggestions are ready, the alert message is now stealthy, not blocking (no need to click OK).
19. EagleLinq / Screener actions: clarification on content and use
20. Network Detection to prevent crashes when computer shutdown internet shutdown
21. Change to Windev 20

1. Module Covered calls: The tab 'Results / Orders' displayed a price equal to zero as long as the underlying did not move. Now the last class is displayed immediately.

Version: 3.20
1. EagleLinq / Put Market: Added quick navigation arrows to go from one deadline to the next.
2. EagleLinq / Put Market: Differentiation of 'weekly' deadlines

Version: 3.19
1. Dashboard / Portfolio Mapping: The color of the bubbles has been brightened: bubbles appear better on the dashboard. It is a crucial graph to know the health of its puts sales at a glance.
2. Dashboard / Portfolio Mapping: ITM Winning Bubbles Are Not Red, But Green
3. Dashboard / strategy mapping: the 23 strategies are now taken into account
4. EagleLinq / Social Network: adding a test button to send a fictitious alert
5. 'Put puts' and 'Bull Put Spreads' modules: when searching, the 'No data for xxx' error no longer blocks the search: no need to press OK to continue.
6. Interface with PRT: compatibility with PRT v10.2
7. 'Sale of puts' modules: Fixed sorting by 'Rendt / risk' which did not work

Version: 3.18
1. Blue launch window
2. Optimization of the treatments at launch (faster), and messages of the treatment in progress
3. Portfolio: Detection of eight additional strategies: Calendar Call, Calendar Put, Diagonal Call, Diagonal Put, Long Call Butterfly, Long Put Butterfly, Long Call Condor, Long Put Condor
4. Portfolio: All strategies now show +/- Value at maturity. IB's NLP can always be viewed in the 'Expires' tab
5. Module 'Covered Call': Complete wizard, guiding the user step by step until the order on TWS
6. 'Sale of puts' module: Choice of sorting after launch of the search (by Symbol,% Annual yield, or return / risk)
7. Portfolio / Covered Call: added a comforting text when the repair works well?
8. EagleLinq / Put Market: Add '<MY FRIEND>' choice to filter list by Trader. Thus, will appear only sales of puts of the traders defined in the list 'My Friends' (tab Social Network)
9. EagleLinq / Social Network: Fixed email alerts that did not reach the recipient

Version: 3.17
1. EagleLinq / Social Network: added follow-up of Friends trades; Whenever a 'Friend' sells a put, we are immediately notified by email, or by message on smartphone / tablet.
2. The new sales of puts are now sent to the server by leaving IBFolio; sales of puts on EagleLinq are thus more relevant and more recent.
3. Portfolio: Each strategy found in the portfolio has its corresponding icon (icon for each tab)
4. Portfolio: detection of two additional strategies: Iron Butterfly and Iron Condor
5. Portfolio / Expirations: it is now possible to cancel a manual distribution of quantities made previously; just right-click on the desired line, and choose the corresponding option from the context menu
6. Closing IBFolio way book that closes

Version: 3.16
1. EagleLinq / Put Market and Best Trades: Optimization (faster display: 4mn instead of 7mn, and greatly reduced network traffic).

Version: 3.15
1. EagleLinq / Put Market and Best Trades: Fixed list.
2. Dashboard: Widgets Excess Liquidity: Adding the Margin / Asset Ratio with Borrowing Value

Version: PI 3.14
1. EagleLinq / Put Market and Best Trades: Fixed list. The dashboard did not show all the best trades of the day.

Version: 3.13
1. The license update is silent, and no longer needs to go through the license activation screen
2. The IBFolio version number appears in the title of the main window
3. Dashboard: Widgets: Update date / time set to IB time and not to computer (platform consistency)
4. UTC synchronization of the timestamp of broadcast information. Thus, EagleLinq data always has consistent hours with the local station time zone.
5. Dashboard: Timestamp snapshot time stamped by TWS, not the post.
6. Dashboard: snapshot: file name: the time is on 6 digits and no longer 8.
7. EagleLinq / Put Market and Best Trades: Fixed a bug: some options could inherit the price of another underlying, resulting in trades with nonexistent values
8. NP Module / Results: the coloration in brown of the options / underlyings already present in the portfolio could be incomplete: corrected
9. Module NP / Results: The coloration in brown is updated as soon as you click on the button SELL => avoids selling 2 similar puts in stride.
10. Module NP / Results: After having clicked on the SELL button, this one becomes STOP => Ability to cancel the order (if the order is not yet executed on TWS, it is removed from TWS).

Version: 3.12
1. Dashboard: Portfolio Mapping Widget: Graphical Addition "Var.% Equity" that shows changes in the price of stocks and underlying assets in the portfolio compared to the previous day
2. Dashboard: Portfolio Mapping Widget: adding an explanatory label under the selector
3. Portfolio / Shares and Sales of Puts: Addition of the column "Shares Var. % ", Which shows the changes in the share price or the underlying price compared to the previous day
4. The khaki color indicating no quotation was dark for more visual consistency

Version: 3.11
1. 'Preferences' menu icon changed by consistency: adjustable wrench
2. Evolution of the info ticker: the banner becomes graphic, each info is dated, and some info is clickable (display of an image)
3. 'Camera' icon: Express dashboard snapshot

Version: 3.10
1. In all tables: top of rupture always visible (expiration)
2. NP / Journal module: Trade import correction (for assignments)
3. NP module: Simplification and ergonomics of the display parameters (wrench)
4. NP Module: Possibility of displaying options with bid = 0

Version: 2.10
1. Wallet / Straddle & Strangle: Correction of the display following a data update
2. NP and BPS modules: add option to update option chains
3. EagleLinq / Put Market: 'New trades' option memorized and accessible from the first launch
4. EagleLinq / Best Trades: Restriction of time and sending days
5. EagleLinq / Best Trades: Fixed Bid / Ask Recovered (bug ConId IB)

Version: 2.9
1. NP Module: Added up / down arrows in the results table to quickly switch between expirations
2. Modification of the term 'PP' (Losses & Profits) in '+/- Value'
3. EagleLinq / Am I good: the mouse wheel now activates the list of trades, not the list of accounts (chain updates)
4. EagleLinq: Optimizing the selection of Best Trades (Update more often)
5. EagleLinq: Elimination of trades with Bid = 0 (Elimination of outliers)
6. EagleLinq / Put Market: button deactivation when searching to avoid crashes
7. Remove 'Friday Sell-Off' strategy button, replaced by 'Trader Modules Pro'

Version: 2.8
1. EagleLinq: display correction of new trades that were not
2. EagleLinq: Optimizing the selection of Best Trades (sending only during market periods to avoid outliers)

Version: 2.7
1. Add QRCode of Access Key to EagleLinq Mobile; the Android app can scan this code to enter the key, rather than typing it by hand.
2. Portfolio / tabs BPS and BCS: Fixed graphics that did not show up well in the hidden rows of the table
3. EagleLinq / Screener Actions: Adding a check box 'Disable those already in the search for puts'

Version: 2.6
1. Added tool for removing option strings for reboot
2. Preferences Menu..General Setup ... Options: Setting Up Market Schedules and Voice Alerts

Version: 2.5
1. Dashboard: EagleLinq puts sales widgets: Complete recoding for optimization / stabilization

Version: 2.4
1. Dashboard: EagleLinq puts sales widgets: added parameters (% OTM, yield, and exclusion of biotechs / pharmas)
2. Dashboard: EagleLinq puts sales widgets: Addition of the column 'Activity' in the table of trades (in red if biotech or pharma)
3. Dashboard: EagleLinq puts sales widgets: Indication of the activity in the detail of the trade (in red if biotech or pharma)

Version: 2.3
1. Dashboard: As soon as you modify a widget (in edit mode), a big red button appears so you do not forget to exit edit mode (and save the configuration)
2. Dashboard: Portfolio Mapping Widget: graphical bubble addition of portfolio puts (% OTM / annualized yield)
3. Main screen: Correction of the banner scrolling news (which could disappear)
4. Dashboard: "EagleLinq puts sales" widget: revision of the selection of trades (more restrictive)
5. EagleLinq: correction of the display of new trades ('new')
6. EagleLinq: correction of the display of trades (Chinese symbols ...)
7. Options: 'EagleLinq Mobile' key display

Version: 2.2
1. Main screen: slight optimization of the news banner (less 'empty')
2. Dashboard: EagleLinq puts sales widget: review of trades selection and detail display
3. Dashboard: EagleLinq puts sales widget: Added trades table (exportable by right click)
4. Dashboard: widget «Sales of EagleLinq puts»: A bubble overflowed in blue color all the bubbles of the same symbol

Version: 2.1
4. Complete redesign of the TWS info retrieval procedure (fixed no quotations bug for some underlyings)
5. Dashboard: new bubble chart widget "EagleLinq puts sales"
6. Portfolio / Expires: re-sorting by symbol
7. Portfolio / Naked calls: column title corrected = "+/- value on expiry" (not current PP)
8. Wallet / Naked Puts: Adding the day in the flyover bubble 'Earnings' (Monday 24/03/2014 ...)
9. Portfolio / Bull Put Spreads: Corrected the chart that was displayed badly
10. Wallet / Bear Call Spreads: Fixed the chart that was showing poorly
11. Portfolio / Straddles and Strangles: Correction of detection
12. NP / Log module: Correction of the initial display which did not take into account the last memorized period
13. Dashboard: Margin Widget: title changed to "Excess Liquidity" instead of "Margin"
14. Dashboard: VLN Widget: Title and Amount Displayed changed to "Assets with Borrowing Value" instead of "VLN"
15. Dashboard: "Sales of puts ..." widget: performance correction that sometimes did not show up
16. Dashboard: "Put Sales ..." Widget: Selection Restriction with Premium> = $ 0.10,% OTM> = 25% and Annual Return> = 20%
17. Dashboard: "Close Expiration" Widget: removing duplicates from the list of symbols

Version: 2.0
1. Portfolio: automatic analysis at launch
2. Portfolio: adding the analyzed Long Straddle strategy
3. Portfolio: addition of the analyzed strategy Short Straddle
4. Portfolio: Adding the analyzed strategy Long Strangle
5. Portfolio: adding the analyzed strategy Short Strangle
6. Portfolio: Customizable Dashboard
7. Dashboard: VLN Widget
8. Dashboard: Margin Widget
9. Dashboard: Money Management Widget (NP)
10. Dashboard: Portfolio Mapping Widget
11. Dashboard: Average NP Delta Widget
12. Dashboard: Close Expiration Widget
13. Dashboard: Widget Earnings
14. Dashboard: US Market Widget
15. Dashboard: EagleLinq Trades Widget
16. Portfolio / NA: Amount of assignment in gray: no reason for red
17. Portfolio / NP: Indication of options that have a Earnings in the week (a red "E" if today or tomorrow, if not orange)
18. Portfolio / NP: Adding the 'Delta' column
19. Portfolio / NP: Correction of NLP total by expiration, red if negative
20. NP / Actions module: a click on the PRT icon displays the action in PRT
21. NP / Journal module: Automatic import of trades by IB activity FLEX file

Version: 1.31
1. NP / Journal Module: To better identify the lines already cleared from the current account: lines in progress in gray; closed lines in white
2. NP module: the calculation of the +/- value is modified: if price> = strike, display of premium received; if running <strike, displaying the loss as if it were the expiration, or nb contracts x (strike-course)
3. NP / Actions module: Click on the PRT icon -> displays the action in PRT
4. NP Module / Results: Optimization of the Earnings algorithm: almost immediate display
5. NP Module / Results: Displaying the date of the Earnings by hovering over the 'SELL' button

Version: 1.30
1. Moving the EagleLinq trade diary to the NP module
2. NP / Log module: Adding a filter by account and by date
3. NP / Log Module: Printing
4. NP / Log module: possibility to delete lines on expired options
5. Module NP / Results: integration of a visual alert in case of Earnings close
6. EagleLinq Module / Media Library: Adding Earnings Calendar
7. Adding an InfoFlash window, in case of important news broadcast

1. Renaming the 'Premium at maturity' column to 'Premium cashed'

1. NP Module: Adding the% OTM column in the results

1. Complete overhaul of stock import procedures (Update of Symbols, ConId, and Primary Exchange)
2. NP + BPS modules: Stock imports via the IB screeners are limited to the NYSE + NASDAQ, to avoid zero referrals (pro accounts) (thanks David))
3. NP + BPS modules: The button of search of the puts retracts once clicked, and displays an animation: it avoids the bug of several searches launched simultaneously by double-clicks (thank you Roger)
4. NP + BPS module: Enhancement of actions added the same day (in orange)
5. Module NP + BPS: Correction of the algorithm of search of the puts that could crash by looking for expirations of the month already spent
6. NP + BPS module: Correction of the wording "profit if not assigned" in "premium at maturity" (thank you Benoit)
7. EagleLinq / Am I efficient: Display of puts sales of all user accounts (with same user name), and not only of selected account
8. EagleLinq: Added information 'Good to know'
9. EagleLinq / Put Market: Optimizing the display
10. Change the wording of the maturities D + xx to D-xx
11. EagleLinq: Update of the average transaction price in case of strengthening of a position (complementary sale of the same put)
12. EagleLinq: Adding the trade diary
13. EagleLinq: Access to the forum www.eaglelinq-forum.com
14. Various improvements in 'deco' and ergonomics

1. Bug fix on import of an action whose symbol has changed (ex: LTD-> LB)
2. Fixed management of certain actions (ex: MSFT, INTC) that require the precision of the 'Primary Exchange'
3. EagleLinq: Put Market: By default, only show new trades
4. EagleLinq: Screener: Ability to filter actions already in portfolio (thanks Manuel)
5. Correction Number of default assignable lines (= 6) at first use
6. Alert when the underlying suggestions are ready

1. Simplification of the update
2. Better synchronization with IB clock

1. Voice alert 5 minutes and 1 minute from the closing of the market
2. Module CC: Correction of the price of the action which sometimes did not display
3. NP + BPS modules: the sector flashes when it is biotech or pharma or fund
4. EagleLinq: Adding the 'Media Library' tab

1. Portfolio: 'Loss & Profit' column red only if the line is losing
2. Welcome window at first launch
3. Optimization of missing prices on certain stocks
4. EagleLinq: adding the 'Social Network' tab with the connected ones

1. BPS module: removal of zero or negative returns in the results
2. NP Module: IB Limitation Warning Message for Manual Import> 60 Actions
3. NP + BPS Module: IB Bug Filter on Bid> Ask
4. EagleLinq: performance: taking into account the same nickname on several accounts

1. Portfolio: adding mapping by strategy
2. Portfolio: adding the scrolling information banner
3. Portfolio: Fixed bug strategy spreads (even nb contracts)
4. NP Modules: Addition of the 'Rendt / Risk' column
5. NP + BPS Modules: Fixed bug if no quotes
6. NP + BPS Modules: Changing Tab Labels
7. EagleLinq + NP + BPS modules: 'Live' recovery of the selected actions with the screener, even if the module was already open

1. EagleLinq: Modification of the explanatory text on the action list

1. Wallet: activation of EagleLinq even if empty account

1. NP + BPS module: View of the PRT curve by right click

1. EagleLinq: adding the 'Put screener'
2. Corrected server redirection

1. Fixed bug VXX2 IB and identification of actions
2. Bug fix for number of EagleLinq community members
3. Portfolio: Yellow highlighting of the price of the underlying if equal to zero (no data)
4. Portfolio: disabling modules and tabs when updating the portfolio
5. Portfolio: 'Loading Data' panel when updating the portfolio
6. NP and BPS modules: Addition of a 4th year of expirations for sales of puts + spreads
7. NP and BPS modules: Deleting SmartStrike display if unused method
8. NP and BPS Modules: Suppressing Flicker When Setting SmartStrike
9. NP and BPS modules: View strikes sought by a green hatched area on the graph
10. NP and BPS modules: Selection method of strikes (choice with 4 panels) + help
11. NP and BPS Modules: New method for strikes selection: 6-month low

1. Optimizing IB download of option chains
2. Bug Fix PRT Link on Mac
3. Optimization of EagleLinq nick management

1. Fixed bug IB strike 0 in GRPN option strings 01/2014
2. MAJ dll QLM version 7.0.13290.1
3. Adding the waiting message when updating the wallet
4. Remove the 'Export to Word' option from all lists
5. Changing red / green Covered P / C icons: now monochrome icons
6. Adding admin tools (reindexing, etc ...)

1. Fixed the management of the EagleLinq nickname
2. NP + BPS modules: graphic cleanup correction if no action in the list

1. Version released to the Eagles

1. Portfolio: spreads and covered put / call: sort by expiry
2. Portfolio: spreads and covered put / call: Adding the number of days (D + x)
3. Reset the quote file if necessary
4. Windows Manifest: Default Rights
5. Server management unavailable

1. EagleLinq: Removing yellow frames
2. EagleLinq: managing the nickname of the same account on several PCs
3. EagleLinq: new filter on new trades
4. Modules: correction of months in English
5. Portfolio: Spreads: Breakeven highlighted in orange to distinguish it from curves
6. Share historical course data between modules
7. Adding the Windows Manifest with Administrator Rights
8. Simplify the "Trial Version" display without a license activation window

1. New module 'Bull Put Spread'

1. French Version (+ US English)
2. Portfolio: adding 'Bull Put Spread' and 'Bear Call Spread' strategies

1. Portfolio: Prevention of erroneous IB data off market
2. NP module: stabilization / optimization of the connection with PRT

1. Wallet / Naked Puts: replacement of the column 'Realized PNL' by 'Time Value left'
2. Wallet / Naked Calls: replacement of the column 'Realized PNL' by 'Time Value left'
3. Nickname change required to connect to EagleLinq
4. Strengthening 'clean-ups' at the exit of IBFolio (to avoid latency in Windows)
5. Naked Puts module: delta correction that could display '+++'
6. Naked Puts Module: At launch, automatically displays the 'Naked Puts' tab wallet
7. Naked Puts Module: As soon as an order is placed on TWS, the display of the results is updated accordingly
8. Module Covered Calls: At launch, automatically displays the portfolio tab 'Stocks'
9. The 'refresh' of strategies now makes the 'refresh' at the portfolio level
10. Every new order executed on TWS is added to the portfolio in real time
11. The key figures of the portfolio (Cash, VLN, etc ...) are now in real time and are updated automatically
12. Wallet / Calendar Straddles: correction of the absence of display (if the months were straddling two years)
13. Correction of the number of connected to EagleLinq (household duplicates)

1. EagleLinq: correction of 2 capricious yellow frames
2. EagleLinq: Makeover of the screen 'Am I efficient? '
3. Color correction of CASH account: yellow if <5 Equity with Loan Value (thanks Christian)
4. Fixed display of portfolio mapping
5. Module Covered Calls: correction of check boxes 'All'

1. Fixed wording expiration J + -1 -> D-1
2. Number of connected EagleLinq on the main screen
3. Embossed map of the portfolio by symbol or activity
4. Options..Updates: Version History of IBFolio
5. Naked Puts Module: Reduction of last flag's flag font (could be truncated)
6. Naked Puts module: Optimization of the search of options chains, following the new limitation of IB (5 seconds between each request)

1. EagleLinq: Fixed bug division by 0 when an expiration fell on today's day
2. Coloring CASH account: red if negative, yellow if <5 VLN, otherwise green (thank you Christian)
3. NP module: OTM in green (thank you Pascale)

1. Adding CC module (Covered Calls)
2. NP module: adding the sector column in the results table (thank you Roger)

1. Fixed EagleLinq screen crash

1. Optimization of contextual menus (right click) on the tables (thank you Pascale)
2. deletion trace
3. EagleLinq: sort by expiration ok
4. Replacement of the NLP trader by its premium / market performance
5. expiration in D +
6. indication of the number of traders / option

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